Criteria for Foundation Support

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In order for a group, organization or project to be considered for support it must be able to meet the following criteria. Please note that the foundation only looks at/considers applications twice per year, April and October and you will be contacted if approved.

Any of these criteria may be superseded with unanimous approval from the Board for exceptions:

  • Applications for donations will be accepted only from non-profit organizations registered with Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Grants will be awarded for definite purposes and projects covering a specified time period;
  • Funds will be available for some start-up projects filling a recognized need in a unique way;
  • The foundation shall encourage the participation of others (including employees, agents, brokers and Directors of Pictou Mutual Insurance Company) in funding projects and, on occasion, provide matching funds or challenge grants to stimulate increased response from other sources;
  • Donations sponsored by brokers of Pictou Mutual Insurance Company shall be limited to a maximum of $5000 per year per broker with priority given to those brokers providing a matching contribution;
  • Donations will be made roughly proportional to the premium income of Pictou Mutual Insurance Company written within a County.

Foundation Grants will not be awarded:

  • To cover deficits or retire debts;
  • To provide endowment funds;
  • For sectarian, religious or political purposes;
  • To organizations that are substantially government funded or directed except hospitals, fire departments and educational facilities;
  • To individuals;
  • For sports events;
  • To national organizations whose local organizations receive grants from the foundation;
  • Projects outside the communities we are supporting
  • Organizations that use grant funds to support other registered charitable organizations, including private, public or community foundations, except for hospital foundations;
  • To organizations whose operating or fund raising expenses are over 25%;
  • To fund conferences and seminars.

If you believe your project may meet the requirements